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Hello dear students, today we have brought for you 80 280+ best telegram channel for nda preparation. here you will find a telegram group of boys and girls students associated with NDA examination, in which you can also join. In all the groups there are only NDA exam students, you can also join this group.

Inside this group you will always get the latest updates, important PDF, important notes, best books, important quizzes, essays on main issues and many more NDA study related information you will always get in this group will remain.

Best telegram channel for nda preparation

NDA is one of the top posts in India, if you join Indian Air Force, Indian Army or Navy then you have to clear NDA exam but before that you have to do some important things related to NDA. It should be known that without knowing this, you cannot clear its exam.

so before filling the NDA exam form, you should know what is NDA (What is NDA information in hindi), how to do NDA and its For what is the eligibility i.e. what is the qualification, what is the physical requirement and which subject should be read, then in today’s article we will give complete information about NDA in Hindi so that you can understand easily.

How to Join NDA After 12th Pass (How to Join NDA After 12th Information in Hindi) How to Join NDA Information in Hindi How to become an Army Officer, How to Join the Army, How to Join Indian Air Force Complete Information

After passing 12th, often many students do not know what to become in their career next, some people think while studying in school in advance, what to become in the future and study accordingly so that you can move forward. There should be no problem in any kind of entrance exam, you can easily clear the exam and study what you want to study, similarly if you want to join NDA then your own maths.

The subject (Math Subject) has to be made very strong, so let’s first know what is NDA, what is its full form and after joining NDA, what can we become and how is NDA entrance. Clear the exam (NDA Entrance Exam).

What id NDA ?

NDA, whose full name is National Defense Academy, which is also called National Defense Academy in Hindi, where an exam is taken before joining the three popular services of India, Army, Navy and Air Force, which have to be passed which we have to pass. NDA says that if you have to go to the Army, Air Force, Navy to serve India, then there are two NDA exams every year to go to all these services. It is conducted by UPSC, but there are some conditions to sit in this exam i.e. there are eligibility criteria, let’s know what is needed to sit in this exam.

NDA Exam Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be unmarried, only then you are eligible for this exam.
  • For Indian Army, 12 pass should be in any subject
  • To be admitted in Indian Air Force and Navy, one should have Physics and Maths in 12th.
  • Must have good physical fitness
  • Your age should be 16.5 to 19 years, check UPSC website for age limit
  • Your height should be at least 157cm.

NDA Exam (Tips How To Clear NDA Exam)

  • Make a proper time table to pass NDA exam and follow the same time table daily.
  • Make a time table for all subjects and study accordingly, pay more attention to weak subjects.
  • Choose best books for NDA exam and take help of internet
  • Make maths subject strong, study and understand maths subject well in 11th and 12th
  • Solve previous year question papers of NDA exam and solve sample papers so that you will have an idea for the exam.

Before joining NDA, first pass 12th, keep in mind that as soon as you pass 10th, after that you have to choose maths and physics subject in 11th science subject, if you want to be recruited in the army, then you have to do this. You can pass 12th from any subject, but if you want to join Navy or Air Force, then for this you have to pass 12th with Physics and Maths subject, try with at least 60% marks.

  1. Give and clear NDA entrance exam
    As soon as you pass the 12th or if you can fill the form of NDA entrance exam and give the exam even before giving the final exam of 12th, this exam is conducted every year by UPSC which is twice a year. Which happens in April and September and its forms come out every year in June and December, so you can fill the form online by visiting UPSC website.
  2. Now clear the SSB interview
    After clearing the entrance exam of NDA, now you are called for the SSB interview round, in which there are many types of tests such as physical test, aptitude test, group discussion. There are many tests like (Group Discussion), Personal Interview etc. You have to clear them all.
  3. Now complete NDA training
    After completing all the exams, now you are sent for training for whatever post you have selected according to the post, 3 Yrs at NDA and 1 Yr at IMA(For Army cadets) and 3 Yrs at NDA and 1 Yr at Naval Academy(For Naval cadets) and 3 Yrs at NDA and 1 & 1/2 Yrs at AFA Hyderabad (For AF cadets) then you have to pass this training only then you can join any post in NDA. In this way you can join Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force in NDA.

How to Join NDA ?

To join the National Defense Academy, a candidate has to appear in an entrance examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

It has two exams in the month of April and September i.e. twice in a year its exam is conducted in which you have to appear.

Any candidate who wants to apply for this exam should be unmarried.

To join NDA, it is necessary to appear in SSB, Medical, and then in the merit list.

Here I am telling you about all the qualifications in this list in brief, after that we will know it in detail below.

What is NDA Physical Requirement?

Joining the Armed Forces through NDA is a very good way but for this Service Selection Board conducts Medical Examination in which Board of Service Medical Officer conducts all the tests.

That is why even before this medical examination, it is advised to the candidates that those who have minor physical problems or diseases, then get them cured.

Usually the problems found in people during this test are Wax (Ears), Devaited Nasal Septum, Hydrocele etc.

The candidate should be in good physical and mental health and free from any disease, disability, which would enable him to perform military duty efficiently.
There should not be any kind of physical defect or underweight. The candidate should also not be obese.
There should not be any problem in bones or joints.
Height (Length):

The minimum height of the candidate is 157.5 cms. It is necessary for the Air Force to be 162.5 cms.

For Gorkhas and people living in the North Eastern state of India, for persons belonging to the hills of Garhwal and Kumaon, it is mandatory to stay at least 5 cms less than the minimum height.

For candidates residing in Lakshadweep, the minimum height can be reduced by 2 cms.


The chest of the candidate applying for this exam should be well developed. Fully expanded chest should not be less than 81 cms.

After inhaling, the chest should expand at least 5 cm and should not be less than this. X-ray is mandatory to find out if there is any problem inside the chest, which will be done for every candidate.

Visual standard or Eye test:

The candidate should be able to read 6/6 in the better eye 6/9 in the worse eye with or without glasses in the farsighted chart. A candidate should be able to recognize red and green.

Apart from this, the candidate will have to submit a certificate certifying that he or any member of his family is not suffering from congenital night blindness. Candidates who have undergone laser surgery to rectify refractive errors will also not be selected for Defense Services.

NDA Exam Syllabus

There are 2 papers in the written examination, the first is Mathematics and the second is General Ability Test. The topics of class 11th and 12th are covered in Mathematics paper. Whereas in Paper 2, English and GK are in the form of Part A and Part B.

Paper-1 Mathematics

  • Trigonometry
  • Analytical Geometry 2D and 3D
  • Differential Calculus
  • Integral Calculus
  • Differential Equation
  • Vector Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Algebra
  • Matrices and Determinants
  • Probability

Part – 2 General Ability Test

The English paper is designed to test the candidate’s understanding of English. That is why the test is taken from these topics under this paper.

Part-A English

Grammar and Usage

Part-B General Knowledge

  • Questions are asked from these subjects to test General Science.
  • general science
  • Social Studies
  • Geography
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Current events

Salary after NDA

Candidates who are selected for NDA jobs are eligible for various awards and allowances. Here, we are going to tell you about the salary you will get according to the posts of NDA.

Position Salary

  • Lieutenant 56,100-1,775,00/Month
  • Captain 61,300 – 1,93,900/Month
  • Major 69,400 – 2,07,200/Month
  • Lieutenant Colonel 1,21,200- 2,12,400/Month
  • Colonel 1,30,600 – 2,15,900/month
  • Brigadier 1,39,600 – 2,17,600/Month
  • Major General 1,44,200 – 2,18,200/Month
  • Lt. General HAG Scale 1,82,200 – 2,24,100/Month
  • Army Cdr/ Lt Gen (NFSG) 2,50,000/Month

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FAQ For best telegram channel for nda preparation

  1. Why join this NDA Exam Telegram groups ?

    In this digital age, no one is waiting to reach the NDA exam Telegram group.
    These groups are doing a wonderful job of providing useful resources. In these groups the members can interact and discuss their problems among themselves.
    Another main reason to join Telegram group is the that candidates don't need to search for many different resource on internet, but joining group can be very useful for them, and it will save a lot of time for them.

  2. How these NDA exams Telegram groups helps the aspirants ?

    This list of top Telegram Groups for NDA exams students is like heaven for every NDA aspirants. These groups are like and ocean of materials for them they have all the premium ingredients that will make a difference in everyone's preparation.
    The content is not free if you search for them on the internet, but thanks to the owner of the group who are making it free to help those who don't have the finance to buy them. And also they are well organised so it will save the candidates costly.

  3. What else can you find in this Telegram groups ?

    You can get previous years papers exam pattern, answer keys and everything that can help you understand the NDA exam better.
    Also apart from precious and valuable notes, you can get a collection of blocks written by NDA exams ranker, their detailed analysis of exam strategy, preparation ideas, etc.


So in today’s post what we going to know ‘best telegram channel for nda preparation‘ and how can you Join them, what are you going to get in the telegram group. you have join this group and join the group related to more important studies. To be you keep visiting our website and keep increasing your knowledge.

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