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Best telegram group for CTET

Friends, in today’s article, we are going to tell you what is CTET exam (What is CTET Exam in Hindi), what should be the eligibility to give CTET exam (CTET Exam Eligibility) What is the exam pattern of CTET (CTET exam pattern) CTET exam After that, what is the career scope (career scope after ctet exam) and you will get information about many more, so keep reading this article.

Friends, the field of education is one such area in which youth can progress a lot. In today’s time we are in need of good teachers, a good teacher makes the future of any country bright. To make the future of our country bright, there is a great need of good teachers, that is why today the need of youth is very much in educational institutions.

Friends, primary teachers are very important in educational institutions because this teacher provides the structure and structure of a good education to the children. Today in this article I will tell you about the primary teacher CTET exam conducted by the central government.

In this article, we will learn about CTET Exam, it is such an exam through which you are given the qualification to become a teacher, if you have passed this exam, then you can become a primary teacher in schools and private schools under any central government. can apply for.

What is CTET Exam ?

Friends, ctet exam is such an exam through which your eligibility to become a primary teacher is checked. If you want to become a primary teacher, then it is mandatory for you to pass the CTET exam. Through the CTET exam, the practical and mental Gita of the primary teachers is examined.

Through this exam you become eligible to teach children from class 1 to class VIII. This examination is conducted at the national level, the recognition of this examination is in every state of our country. The main objective of the CTET exam is that they can choose a skill teacher for the children, through this the practical and mental knowledge of the primary teachers is tested.

Friends, there are 2 papers for this exam, through the first paper you can teach children from class 1 to class 5, while through the second paper you can teach children from class 6 to class VIII.


CTET Exam FULLFORM is Central Teacher Eligibility Test.

Friends, this exam is conducted by the CBSE board. This exam is conducted in every state of our country and through this exam you can teach in any private and CBSE board schools of our country.

Education qualification for CTET exam

Now I will tell you in detail about what should be the educational qualification of the candidate to appear in CTET exam.

1.First Paper
Friends, through the first paper, the eligibility for the teacher from class 1 to class V is checked. To take the first paper exam, you have to pass the 12th examination from a recognized board with at least 60% marks in any subject.

Along with 12th, you have to do DEd (Diploma in Education) course from a recognized institution.
You also have to get good marks.

2.Second Paper
Through the second paper, the eligibility of teachers from class 6 to class 8 is checked. To appear in the second paper, you have to pass 12th examination from a recognized board with 60% marks as well as you have to pass graduation degree in any discipline from a recognized university and college with 50% marks. it occurs.

Along with graduation, it is mandatory for you to do B.Ed course as well, only then you will be able to give the second paper exam.
Candidates having Graduation and B.Ed can appear for both Level I and Level II exam.

Age Limit
There is some age limit for the CTET exam, so if you are giving this exam then the minimum age should be 18 years and the maximum age limit has not been fixed.

CTET Exam Pattern

Friends, CTET (CTET) examination is in two levels, through the first level examination, you are considered eligible to teach children from class 1 to class V and through the second level examination, you are from class 6 to class VIII. Children are considered capable of being taught.

In both the level exams, you are asked only objective questions i.e. you will be given four options for each question, you have to choose the correct option from them. There is no negative marking in CTET exam.

1.First Level Exam
In the first level exam, you are asked a total of 150 marks questions. For this exam, you are given a total time of 2 hours 30 minutes, you have to solve the questions of 150 marks in that time.

In this exam 30 marks are asked from Hindi 30 marks English 30 marks from maths 30 marks from child development 30 marks from environment subject. You can take the test in any other language instead of English.

2.Second Level Exam
150 marks questions are asked in the second level exam. For this exam also you are given 2 hours 30 minutes time, you have to solve all the questions in the same time. The following questions are asked in this exam.

  • 30 marks questions are asked from Hindi.
  • 30 marks questions are asked from English.
  • 30 marks questions are asked from the subject of child development.
  • 60 marks questions are asked from social science or maths and science subjects.
  • If you have done your graduation with social science subject then you will solve social science questions if you have done your graduation with science and maths subject then you will solve 60 marks questions from maths and science.

Even if you have done your graduation in commerce, then you will solve social science questions.

How to apply for CTET exam

The CTET exam is conducted by the CBSE board. To apply for this exam, you have to go to the website and fill the form.

And filling the form is very easy, just fill what you are asked to fill, and if someone asks for a document, then you scan your document and upload it, from here you can easily fill the form. and can apply.

Friends, through CTET exam, you can apply as a primary teacher in any private school or CBSE board schools.

The recognition of the marksheet of this examination lasts for 7 years, you can apply for primary teacher in any school through this examination for 7 years.

Through this exam you can apply for primary teacher in schools of our country like Kendriya Vidyalaya, Samiti Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Sainik Vidyalaya.

Note:- Friends, if you think about giving this exam, then just do hard work with full sincerity, after that you will definitely pass this exam.

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FAQ For best telegram group for ctet

  1. Why join thisCTET Exam Telegram groups ?

    In this digital age, no one is waiting to reach the CTET exam Telegram group.
    These groups are doing a wonderful job of providing useful resources. In these groups the members can interact and discuss their problems among themselves.
    Another main reason to join Telegram group is the that candidates don't need to search for many different resource on internet, but joining group can be very useful for them, and it will save a lot of time for them.

  2. How these CTET exams Telegram groups helps the aspirants ?

    This list of top Telegram Groups for CTET exams students is like heaven for every CTET aspirants. These groups are like and ocean of materials for them they have all the premium ingredients that will make a difference in everyone's preparation.
    The content is not free if you search for them on the internet, but thanks to the owner of the group who are making it free to help those who don't have the finance to buy them. And also they are well organised so it will save the candidates costly.

  3. What else can you find in this Telegram groups ?

    You can get previous years papers exam pattern, answer keys and everything that can help you understand theCTET exam better.
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So in today’s post what we going to know ‘best telegram group for ctet‘ and how can you Join them, what are you going to get in the telegram group. you have join this group and join the group related to more important studies. To be you keep visiting our website and keep increasing your knowledge.

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