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Hello dear students, today we have brought for you 15 indian navy telegram group link here you will find a telegram group of boys and girls students associated with indian navy examination, in which you can also join. In all the groups there are only indian navy students, you can also join this group.Inside this group you will always get the latest updates, important PDF, important notes, best books, important quizzes, essays on main issues and many more indian navy study related information you will always get in this group will remain.

indian navy telegram group link

Our team has worked hard to find all the best and trending indian navyTelegram groups online and finally shortlisted them any sequential order based on their popularity. Not only will this help you find the best one of for you but it will also save you both time and energy. so if you are really interested in searching for Telegram groups of indian navyread the article thoroughly. by the end you will definitely get what you are wishing for.

What Is Indian Navy ?

Serving the nation with the spirit of patriotism, not holding back to make sacrifice and protecting the country without concern for oneself is not an easy task. As a Naval officer, you spend months away from your family, spend day and months in the open seas, putting the difference and Honour of your country first before anything else.

If you have courage, enjoy the open Blue Sea, and put your country above everything else, then this is the right career for you. Navy is a very important service of the Indian Army, which protect India from invasions from the water route and sea. Navy is the fifth largest force of India.

The Government of every country is responsible for the defence of its country. The President of India is the supreme commander of the armed forces of India. And the responsibility of difference of the nation lies with the the cabinet. This circle is called Raksha Mandal and this cabinet gives certain responsibilities to all the armed forces with respect to the defence of the country and the policy framework and information of the fulfillment of those responsibilities.

The Indian Army is divided into three Commandos namely the Army, the air force and the Navy.

How to join indian navy

  • Indian Navy provides very lucrative Indian Navy career opportunities for the candidates, although it is not so easy to get into the Indian Navy because for this you have to pass the written examination for the Navy.
  • After that you are called for the interview.
  • The Navy determines the selection of candidates for permanent commission through a written examination conducted by UPSC for NDA/NA and CDS (graduates).
  • This is followed by an interview by the service selection board (SSB).
  • It is not so easy to get a job in the Navy, but it is not so difficult either for this you have to work a little hard, Indian Navy removes Indian Navy vacancy for the candidates every year.


Education qualification

  • To appear in the Indian Navy recruitment 2021 exam, first of all you need to be 12th pass.
  • In which it is mandatory to have 50% marks in English and 70% marks in physics,chemistry.

Age limit

  • Indian Nevi online form 2021 can be filled by only those candidates who have born between 2 July 1999 and 10 January 2002.

Physical eligibility

  • Height should be 157 CMS for men and 152 CMS for women
  • Eyesight 6 by 6.
  • Chest expansion should be minimum 5 CMS.

Other eligibility

  • Candidate must be a citizen of India for Indian Navy recruitment.
  • The applicant should not have any disease related to bones.
  • Applicants should be physically and mentally fit.
  • The qualification of the applicant depends on the post.
  • The age limit of the applicant also depends on the post.

How to fill online form for navy

Any candidates who wants to fill the Indian Navy online form, they can fill the Indian Navy for from the official website of Indian Navy as well as the candidates here Indian Navy e-admit card, result and can get all Indian Navy information.

Six Important indian navy telegram group link

indian navy telegram group link
indian navy telegram group link
Indian Navy Telegram Group (PDF)Click Here
Indian Navy Telegram GroupClick Here
Indian Navy Telegram GroupClick Here
Indian Navy Telegram GroupClick Here
Indian Navy Telegram GroupClick Here
Indian Navy Telegram GroupClick Here

Telegram Study Groups Rules

We have created Telegram group of various important competitive exams so that student community can share their views, ask doubt, get latest study material, get important notes and also their study related things among themselves.

Although rules have been made for all these groups, if you do not want to be out of the groups in one click, then you have to follow all the rules of the group given below, otherwise you will be out of these group.

In appropriate words: Both male and female members associated in the telegram group which created by. And the use of any inappropriate language and abusive words in our group will not be tolerated. you will be kicked out of the educational Telegram group which created by us.

Inappropriate content: If you share photos, videos and other types of contents in education related Telegram group which is not related to education then you will be kicked out from all educational group at the same time.

Advertising: if you have joined the group of advertisement of any coaching Academy or any others Institute, schools etc. you will be instantly banned from all the telegram group and will also be reported as spam to telegram.

Referral codes: if you have joined the group of promoting any of your referral code, you might be banned from all educational Telegram groups and channels.

Earn money online: anyone sharing any money earning schemes all link also will be banned.

Promotion of open telegram channels and Groups: any kind of promotion including promotion of your own telegram groups and channel is not allowed in the groups. if you will be do it continuously you will be banned from all groups.

Important suggestion for genion students:-

  • If you want to share any study materials from other Channel in the group please upload it in the group instant of forwarding from other channels. we have restricted forwarded message in the groups as many people are doing this to promote their channels and Groups.
  • There might be some genion cases where our boats have banned you due to some misunderstanding.In this case, you can request for UnBan to @groups admin officials

FAQ For indian navy telegram group link

  1. Why join this indian navy Telegram groups ?

    In this digital age, no one is waiting to reach the hard copy after two or three days when they have the facility to join indian navy Telegram group.
    These groups are doing a wonderful job of providing useful resources. In these groups the members can interact and discuss their problems among themselves.
    Another main reason to join Telegram group is the that candidates don't need to search for many different resource on internet, but joining group can be very useful for them, and it will save a lot of time for them.

  2. How these indian navy Telegram groups helps the aspirants ?

    This list of top Telegram Groups for indian navy students is like heaven for every indian navy aspirants. These groups are like and ocean of materials for them they have all the premium ingredients that will make a difference in everyone's preparation.
    The content is not free if you search for them on the internet, but thanks to the owner of the group who are making it free to help those who don't have the finance to buy them. And also they are well organised so it will save the candidates costly.

  3. What else can you find in this Telegram groups ?

    You can get previous years papers exam pattern, answer keys and everything that can help you understand the indian navy exam better.
    Also apart from precious and valuable notes, you can get a collection of blocks written by indian navy ranker, their detailed analysis of exam strategy, preparation ideas, etc.


So in today’s post what we going to know ‘indian navy telegram group link‘ and how can you Join them, what are you going to get in the telegram group. you have join this group and join the group related to more important studies. To be you keep visiting our website and keep increasing your knowledge.

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