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Hello dear students, today we have brought for you 100 Telegram channel for IIT JEE. here you will find a telegram group of boys and girls students associated with IIT JEE examination, in which you can also join. In all the groups there are only IIT JEE exam students, you can also join this group.

Inside this group you will always get the latest updates, important PDF, important notes, best books, important quizzes, essays on main issues and many more IIT JEE study related information you will always get in this group will remain.

Telegram channel for IIT JEE

There are many government and private engineering colleges in our country. To get admission in all these colleges you have to give entrance exam. Apart from this, national level engineering entrance exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency all over the country, through which you can take admission in any college. Friends, this exam is called JEE Mains.

Most of the youth know about this exam and prepare for this exam. Many youths are not able to succeed in the examination, they do not have complete knowledge about this examination and due to lack of information, they are not able to work hard in the right direction.

If you want to get all the information about JEE Mains exam, then read this article of ours very carefully, in this article I will give you every small and big information about jee mains exam.

What is IIT JEE ?

Friends, to get admission in engineering colleges, entrance exam has to be given. Every state government engineering college or private engineering college conducts its own entrance exam for admission.

Friends, in our country, the national level engineering entrance exam is conducted by the government. Through this exam you can get admission in any engineering college in the country.

JEE Main is the national level examination, through this examination you can take admission in the State Government Engineering College, Private Engineering College and Central Government Engineering College of our country.

Through this exam, you get admission in all the colleges like NIT, IIIT, it is very important for you to pass this exam to get admission in these colleges.

Earlier JEE Mains exam was conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, but now this exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency. Earlier this exam was both written and online, but now this exam is conducted online only.

Earlier this exam was conducted once in a year but now this exam is conducted twice a year and the students who give this exam twice a year, their marks in the exam matters in which they have scored the highest marks. .

These are some of the new changes that were introduced in this exam last year. The exam is held once in the month of January and once in the month of April or May. You can apply for the examination which is held in January in the beginning of December and for the examination which will be held in April or May, you can apply in the end of January or the beginning of February.

To apply for this exam, you have to apply by visiting the official website of the National Testing Agency. The application fee for this exam is ₹ 500 while there is some relaxation in the application fee for girls and reserved category students.

How to preparetion for IIT JEE ?

If you want to do engineering then JEE Mains is a very important exam for you and you should prepare for it in class XI right. Through this exam, you can get admission in the government engineering college of the country from where you can do engineering in very less money.

JEE Mains exam is the biggest exam for the children who do their 11th studies by taking maths science because after that they can take admission in engineering college where they can make a good future.

For its preparation, friends, you have to work very hard from class XI itself. In this exam questions are asked from Physics Chemistry Maths of 11th 12th.

For Physics subject, you can read the book Concept of Physics by HC Verma, in this you have been explained all the concepts of Physics in very easy words and in this you have been given conceptual numerical questions.

For Mathematics subject, you follow the NCERT book of class 11th and 12th and with this you can read the book of Cengage publication, in which you have been told about all the topics according to the pattern of this exam. This book will help you a lot in the preparation of Mathematics subject.

For Chemistry subject, you should follow any NCERT book of 11th 12th because in this exam all questions from Chemistry subject come from NCERT book only. That is why you must follow the NCERT book so that your chemistry preparation will be done very well.

To prepare for this exam, you have to study for 4 to 5 hours every day, in four-five hours you have to study very diligently and clear all the concepts and topics.

Now many online classes and coaching institutes have opened, where preparations are made for this exam, the biggest education hub of our country is the quota, where you are prepared very well for this exam. In these coaching institutes, you get study material which is prepared keeping in mind the pattern of this exam, which benefits the students a lot.

You have to revise all your topics from time to time so that you do not forget any topic and partner you should prepare the previous year question papers of this exam so that you will have an idea of ​​the questions asked in this exam.

Syllabus for IIT JEE

Friends, in this exam you are asked questions from Physics Chemistry Maths subject of 11th and 12th. Now I will give you complete information about jee mains exam syllabus.


  • set relation function
  • complex number,
  • and the quadratic equation
  • permutation combination
  • straight-line
  • hyperbola
  • parabola
  • circle
  • ellipse
  • binomial theorem
  • Mathematical Induction
  • sequence and series probability
  • three-dimensional geometry
  • vector
  • algebra
  • limit continuity
  • differentiability


  • unit and dimension
  • Kinematics Law of Motion
  • work energy and power
  • electrostatic magnetism
  • electromagnetism
  • electromagnetic
  • wave circular
  • motion rotational
  • motion gravitational
  • thermodynamics
  • property of solid and liquid
  • current electricity
  • kinetic theory of gas
  • magnetic effect of current and magnetism
  • oscillation and waves


some basic concept of chemistry gaseous state liquid state solid-state atomic structure Ionic Equilibrium chemical kinetics.

chemical bonding coordination compound chemical thermodynamics solution electrochemistry.

  • redox reaction.
  • surface chemistry.
  • periodic properties.
  • hydrogen S block elements F block elements D block elements P block elements.

To download Jee mains syllabus, you click on the link given below, there you will get the syllabus of this exam in pdf form.

Elegibility For IIT JEE

As you are studying 12th maths science from any recognized board to give this exam, the same people can give this exam, you can give this exam three times.

For the first time you can give this exam when you are studying in class 12th. After that you can give this exam for 2 years after 12th exam and every year this exam happens twice i.e. total you can give this exam 6 times.

To get admission in colleges like NIT, IIIT, you have to score at least 75% marks in 12th exam. To get admission in many government and private colleges, you have to get at least 60% marks in the 12th examination and in many colleges this percentage keeps on changing.

Exam Pattern For IIT JEE

The most important thing to prepare for this exam is to know the pattern of this exam. Now I will give you complete information about jee exam pattern.

In this exam you are asked 90 questions and this exam is of total 3 hours in which you are asked 30 questions from maths subject, 30 questions are asked from physics subject and 30 questions are asked from particular person and all questions There are multiple choice.

Telegram channel for IIT JEE Download Link

Telegram channel for IIT JEE
Telegram channel for IIT JEE
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IIT JEE Exam Telegram GroupClick Here
IIT JEE Exam Telegram GroupClick Here
IIT JEE Exam Telegram GroupClick Here
IIT JEE Exam Telegram GroupClick Here
IIT JEE Exam Telegram GroupClick Here

Telegram Study Groups

We have created Telegram group of various important competitive exams so that student community can share their views, ask doubt, get latest study material, get important notes and also their study related things among themselves.

Although rules have been made for all these groups, if you do not want to be out of the groups in one click, then you have to follow all the rules of the group given below, otherwise you will be out of these group.

In appropriate words: Both male and female members associated in the telegram group which created by. And the use of any inappropriate language and abusive words in our group will not be tolerated. you will be kicked out of the educational Telegram group which created by us.

Inappropriate content: If you share photos, videos and other types of contents in education related Telegram group which is not related to education then you will be kicked out from all educational group at the same time.

Advertising: if you have joined the group of advertisement of any coaching Academy or any others Institute, schools etc. you will be instantly banned from all the telegram group and will also be reported as spam to telegram.

Referral codes: if you have joined the group of promoting any of your referral code, you might be banned from all educational Telegram groups and channels.

Earn money online: anyone sharing any money earning schemes all link also will be banned.

Promotion of open telegram channels and Groups: any kind of promotion including promotion of your own telegram groups and channel is not allowed in the groups. if you will be do it continuously you will be banned from all groups.

Important suggestion for genion students:-

  • If you want to share any study materials from other Channel in the group please upload it in the group instant of forwarding from other channels. we have restricted forwarded message in the groups as many people are doing this to promote their channels and Groups.
  • There might be some genion cases where our boats have banned you due to some misunderstanding.In this case, you can request for UnBan to @groups admin officials

FAQ For Telegram channel for IIT JEE

  1. Why join this IIT JEE Exam Telegram groups ?

    In this digital age, no one is waiting to reach the IIT JEE exam Telegram group.
    These groups are doing a wonderful job of providing useful resources. In these groups the members can interact and discuss their problems among themselves.
    Another main reason to join Telegram group is the that candidates don't need to search for many different resource on internet, but joining group can be very useful for them, and it will save a lot of time for them.

  2. How these IIT JEE exams Telegram groups helps the aspirants ?

    This list of top Telegram Groups for IIT JEE xams students is like heaven for every IIT JEE aspirants. These groups are like and ocean of materials for them they have all the premium ingredients that will make a difference in everyone's preparation.
    The content is not free if you search for them on the internet, but thanks to the owner of the group who are making it free to help those who don't have the finance to buy them. And also they are well organised so it will save the candidates costly.

  3. What else can you find in this Telegram groups ?

    You can get previous years papers exam pattern, answer keys and everything that can help you understand the IIT JEE exam better.
    Also apart from precious and valuable notes, you can get a collection of blocks written by IIT JEE exams ranker, their detailed analysis of exam strategy, preparation ideas, etc.


So in today’s post what we going to know ‘Telegram channel for IIT JEE‘ and how can you Join them, what are you going to get in the telegram group. you have join this group and join the group related to more important studies. To be you keep visiting our website and keep increasing your knowledge.

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