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Hello dear students, today we have brought for you 350+ telegram group for CA students. here you will find a telegram group of boys and girls students associated with CA examination, in which you can also join. In all the groups there are only CA exam students, you can also join this group.

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Telegram group for CA students

Chartered Accountant ie CA is one of the best career options, let us know what is CA Kya Hai and CA Kaise Bane, CA Full Form In Hindi. To become a CA, you need to study commerce. Most of the students with commerce want to become a CA. Here we will talk about how to prepare for CA, and read the entire post carefully for more information like how much is the salary of 1 month of CA.

First of all let’s talk about CA Kya Hota Hai, and CA Kaise Bane You need to be a graduate to become a CA. CA Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai, CA means a prestigious degree course in which students are taught Account, Business and Tax.

Let us now talk about What Is CA In Hindi, and CA Details In Hindi, CA means ‘authorised accountant’ who analyzes the audit account and works related to tax. For those who want to know how to prepare for CA, it is necessary to have knowledge of C.A Course Details in Hindi. C. A Full Form Chartered Accountant is there.

CA Full Form
CA Full Form In Hindi ” is a chartered accountant.

What Is CA ?

We will talk about what is CA Information In Hindi for the students who are interested in Maths subject. Students who are interested in Finance, Tax, Accounts, subjects, CA is a very good option in their career option

The work of CA is to prepare financial accounts, give financial advice, and also keep information about other things. CA can be a very good option for such people. Students who want to know that CA Kaise Bane, check the complete post carefully for this.

The job of a CA is to prepare financial accounts, provide financial advice, analyze audit accounts and do tax related work. In CA, you can make a good career by doing a job in banking, tax and accountant. CA Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai, CA means Chartered Accountant. CA Ki Taiyari Kaise Karen For this you have to have a CA degree. Let’s know how to prepare for CA

what to do to become CA ?

For this you have to pass three types of exams:-

  • CPT (Common Proficiency Test)
  • Intermediate Or IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course)
  • Final Examination

Only those candidates who pass these three stages are appointed as a CA in a company. Along with this, also know that how long is the CA course, it takes at least 5 years to complete the CA course. CA Me Kya Hota Hai CA consists of foundation, intermediate, articleship and then final all these stages. CA Kitne Saal Ki Hai, CA takes 4 to 5 years to complete. Let us know in detail about CA Ki Taiyari Kaise Karen and CA Course Details in Hindi.

If you want to know that CA Ke Liye Konsi Degree Chahiye, then let us tell that if you want to become CA, then B.Com degree will be most beneficial for you.

Here you know in brief that CA Kaise Bane Hindi Mein. Now we tell you in detail CA Kya Kaam Karta Hai and the things required to become a CA.

how to become CA ?

If you are confused about how to prepare for CA after 10th, then keep the following things in mind:-

  • After passing the 10th exam, you can register with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and start preparing for the Common Proficiency Test (CPT).
  • You can appear for Common Proficiency Test (CPT) as soon as you pass the 12th exam.
  • For how to prepare for CA, you can register for Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) after passing both 12th and CPT exams.
  • If you want to know that CA Banne Ke Liye Konsa Course Kare, then let us tell that to become a CA after 12th you can choose Commerce Stream and you have to have good knowledge of Maths and Accounts.

How to prepare for CA after graduation ?

After graduation, you can prepare for CA in this way:-

  • Students securing 60% in graduation and 55% in B.Com or M.Com can directly appear for Intermediate or IPCC examination without giving CPT.
  • If you pass the IPCC exam, then you have to do article ship for 3 years and only after passing the final exam you will become a CA.
  • To become a CA, you have to pass the Higher Secondary Examination or any equivalent examination, only then you will be able to sit in the entrance examination.

Age Limit To become CA

If you want to know that what should be the age to become a CA (Age Limit For CA), then let us tell that there is no age limit to become a CA. Being above 21 years and passing 12th makes you eligible to become a CA.

Exams for CA

Accountancy and Auditing are the two most important functions of a CA:-

  • Writing accounts, preparing financial statements, reviewing the financial statements of individuals/organizations, determining them on the basis of rules and regulations, performing simple to complex financial analysis, all these are the functions of a Chartered Accountant.
  • Taxation and giving tax advice to his clients, determining the costs associated with production and processes are also the functions of a Chartered Accountant.

How to prepartion for Chartered Accountant ?

The process of becoming a Chartered Accountant takes place in four stages. You can become a CA only after crossing these. Only by having complete knowledge of CA Foundation Course Exam Syllabus will you be able to qualify in this exam. There are four stages of CA Exam:

  • Foundation Course Or CPT (Common Proficiency Test).
  • Intermediate Or IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course).
  • Articleship.
  • Final Examination.

Syllabus For Foundation Course Or CPT (Common Proficiency Test)

Session – I C.A Course Details in Hindi

There are 2 sections in this session. This is a 2-hour exam of 100 Marks.

  • Section A: Fundamentals Of Accounting (60 Marks)
  • Section B: Mercantile Laws (40 Marks)

Session – II

There are 2 sections in this session. This is an exam of 100 marks and of 2 hours.

  • Section C: General Economics (50 Marks)
  • Section D: Quantitative Aptitude (50 Marks)

Syllabus For Intermediate Or IPCC

IPCC is the second step to become a CA.

Group 1:

  • Accounting – 100 Marks
  • Business Laws Ethics And Communication – 100 Marks
  • Cost Accounting And Financial Management – ​​100 Marks
  • Taxation – 100 Marks

Group 2:

  • Advance Accounting
  • Auditing And Assurance
  • Information Technology And Strategic Management

In these papers you need 40% passing marks in each subject and you should have 50% marks in aggregate.


After passing the IPCC exam, you have to apply for 3 years of articleship practice training, as soon as your 3 years of practice training is completed, after 6 months you have to take an exam which is to become a CA. There is a final exam.

Syllabus For Final Examination

Only by clearing this last step will you become a CA.

Group I:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Advanced Auditing And Professional Ethics
  • Corporate And Allied Laws

Group II:

  • Advanced Management Accounting
  • Information Systems Control And Audit
  • Direct Tax Laws
  • Indirect Tax Laws

How much is the course fee for CA ?

If you want to know how much is the fee of CA, then its information is as follows:-

  • Foundation Course Registration Fee 9000/-
  • Foundation Course Examination Fee 1500/-
  • Intermediate Course Registration Fee 18,000/-
  • Intermediate Course Examination Fee 2700/-
  • Intermediate Course Orientation Program And Training Fee 14,000/-
  • CA Final Exam 22,000/-

How much is CA salary ?

Let us tell you that in CA Ki Salary Per Month, Fresher gets an average salary of Rs 5 lakh to 7 lakh in a year. Accordingly, CA Salary for 1 month can range from ₹40,000- ₹60,000. With a few years of experience as well, depending on their ability and skill, the salary of a CA increases. In some years, CA Salary can increase from 12 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum.

Telegram group for ca students Download Link

Telegram group for CA students
telegram group for ca students
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CA Exam Telegram GroupClick Here
CA Exam Telegram GroupClick Here
CA Exam Telegram GroupClick Here

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FAQ For telegram group for ca students

  1. Why join this CA Exam Telegram groups ?

    In this digital age, no one is waiting to reach the CA exam Telegram group.
    These groups are doing a wonderful job of providing useful resources. In these groups the members can interact and discuss their problems among themselves.
    Another main reason to join Telegram group is the that candidates don't need to search for many different resource on internet, but joining group can be very useful for them, and it will save a lot of time for them.

  2. How these CA exams Telegram groups helps the aspirants ?

    This list of top Telegram Groups for CA exams students is like heaven for every CA aspirants. These groups are like and ocean of materials for them they have all the premium ingredients that will make a difference in everyone's preparation.
    The content is not free if you search for them on the internet, but thanks to the owner of the group who are making it free to help those who don't have the finance to buy them. And also they are well organised so it will save the candidates costly.

  3. What else can you find in this Telegram groups ?

    You can get previous years papers exam pattern, answer keys and everything that can help you understand the CA exam better.
    Also apart from precious and valuable notes, you can get a collection of blocks written by CA exams ranker, their detailed analysis of exam strategy, preparation ideas, etc.


So in today’s post what we going to know ‘Telegram group for CA students‘ and how can you Join them, what are you going to get in the telegram group. you have join this group and join the group related to more important studies. To be you keep visiting our website and keep increasing your knowledge.

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